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In 1981, two high school rockers by the name of Marko and Andrej, dreamed a dream of having a rock club of their own, in which musicians and other like-minded people could gather up and perform. The club would provide independence and enable them to be themselves without bending to the wind. Therefore they named it Orto (to ensure not to back down from the set course).


This virtual club became a reality in December 1994, when it was finally open after two years of work. The old Zmaj (Dragon) factory in which Orto is situated was discovered by Andrej in a newspaper add. Together with Primož Jeza, an architecture student, they designed the interior and put their vision to life and in 1998, Jeza received the Plečnik student award for designing this vision.

The Opening of Orto with an authentic, original design and music programme created a real euphoria among bar frequenters in Ljubljana, as well as Slovenia. In a foggy, drowsy Ljubljana, the spirit of alternative punk-rock was awoken after years of standstill. And with the opening of Orto it finally found its »home«.

The word bar was added to the word Orto so that people would know it is in fact a public place. 6 months after its opening, the first band - Leteči potepuhi, held a concert. After that, 150-200 concerts of different bands have been held each year, not just notable local bands, but many foreign ones as well.
Then, in 1999 the lower part of the place, the bar, got a younger brother on the upper floor, the club. After that the concert and remaining programme in Orto truly flourished. In this second period and to the present day, architect Špela Kokalj has helped them with designs.

Even though the place expanded, it maintained a club atmosphere and excellent sound comparability, similar to that of a recording studio. Very few local punk-rock, pop and metal musicians have never performed here since the place had been opened considering that over 2000 acts of both local and foreign music bands performed here since its opening in 1994. In addition to concert happenings, Orto is well known for its ample DJ programme, which takes place at the lower spaces and in the club as well.

In 2007, Orto expanded its facilities after which smokers obtained their own space (smoking room), and an additional place for entertainment with fussball and billiard tables was opened.
Each year Orto hosts the only music festival in Slovenia which lasts for a full month! The traditional Orto Fest is held each year in April when it dishes out a huge number of music events.

Orto maintains the basic mission of its functioning, set from the very beginning. To be original, independent, daring, entertaining and cosy and to offer its guests a vast and colourful music and DJ programme on an international level. Time and again Orto has been a safe haven for everybody in need of a space where they can always be themselves. Where they can always be Orto.