Permanent – JOY DIVISION Official Tribute

21. oktober, 2023

Cena: 15.00


Permanent italijanski  uradni Joy Division tribute band vam bo pričaral nepozaben  Joy Division koncert!


Permanent Joy Division Passion Band (since 2016) are nominated Official Italian Tribute by Peter Hook (Joy Division bassist) with a written message in 2019. Based in Padua, the line-up successfully plays in important clubs and festivals in Central/Northern Italy including Milan, Turin, Bologna, Genoa, Florence and in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium etc.).

The band stands out for the fidelity to the original sounds and for the visual show, accompanied by images, video projections and narrations. Moreover the ability to interpret the Manchester ensemble by a rework of the pieces in acoustic trio or electronic trio completes the artistic profile.

A stunning live reproduction of the haunting atmosphere and mood of Macclesfield’s legendary band, which consists of a journey throughout the most important moments of Unknown Pleasures, Closer, Still and Substance. The band’s visual impact reflects the disruptive power of the sounds and the ineluctable urgency of the lyrics that Joy Division brought to the fore in the post punk and dark era.

Nick: – leading vocals

Paolo:  – guitar

Marco: – bass

Alice: – keyboards, backing vocals

Alex: – drums, pads

Main venues and events:

Locomotiv (BO), Druso (BG), Duncker (Berlin – DE), Mattorosso (TV), X-Ray (FC), Midnight (BG), Raduno Italiano fans JD (PD), Arcella Bella (PD), Arci Bellezza (MI), Base Milano (MI), Blah Blah (TO), Glue (FI), Splinter (PR), Parco della Musica (PD), Wave Festival (BE), Vinile (VI), Loft (TS), The one (MI), La Base Factory (PD), Exenzia (PT), Blackstar (FE), Muziekcafè (NE), Little Devil (NE), Padiglione 14 (TO), Home (TV), Le Garage Creative (BE), Rock classic (BE), B52 (BE), Gothika (TV), Mame (PD), Revolver (VE), New Order (RN).


Opening act to: She past away, Bollock Brothers



Radio Gwen (CH) – Article (21 Dec 2017)


RockerWebTV (MI) (26 Oct 2021)

GothicWorld (DE-IT) (31 Oct 2019)

Radio Fragola (TS) (17 May 2018)

Radio Gwen (CH) – Audio (21 Dec 2017)

Radio Canale Italia (May 2023)


Live videos:

Joy Division Fan Meeting:

Closer Showreel:

Love will tears apart:

Disorder (live in Brussels):



In breve / An overview:

+150 concerti/gigs

+95 venues

+75 città/cities, +23 province/provinces, +7 regioni/regions +6 Stati/countries)

+7.000 followers (FB/Instagram)



Informacije o dogodku

Datum 21. oktober, 2023

Začetek dogodka 19:00 CEST

Konec dogodka: 23:00 CEST

Lokacija: ORTO CLUB / KLUB

Telefon: +386 1 23 21 674


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