Instructions regarding E-tickets in our online store!

To your email address that you provided during payment (CHECK IF THE ELECTRONIC ADDRESS YOU ENTERED WHEN PAYING IS CORRECT) after the message that the order has been completed, you must receive the ticket(s) in a separate e-mail (Ticket), if you bought tickets for different concerts you must also receive as many separate e-mails - messages (TIcket). The message must contain as many different tickets as you bought for a single concert or event. If you do not receive the message (Ticket), please check your junk folder. If you have not received the tickets and they are not in the trash can, send us the completed order with the order number to so that we can resend them to you. Sprint the tickets or keep them ready on your phone for a quick check at our checkout! In the event that you find out too late that you don't have tickets, no problem, if you have paid you are already in the system, carry your identity card with you to verify your identity!

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Instructions regarding E-tickets in our online store!

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